Vines To Vino

Whether you purchase a full barrel, an eighth of a barrel, or something in-between, you will leave your final winemaking session with numerous bottles of delicious, quality wine you helped craft. Plus, you will gain a deeper understanding of wine that only a hands-on approach can give you.

We offer customized options so your wine can be as individual as you are:

Grapes – Red or white, you can select from Chilean grapes in the spring and Californian, Italian, or Maryland grapes in the fall.
Barrel Aging – Choose from American or French oak barrels to instill custom flavors in your wine.
Customized Bottle Labels – Create your own wine label; proudly mark your own wine with a personalized label that you design!

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Vines To Vino provides the unique oppor-tunity to decide the components of your wine and actively participate in bringing that wine to fruition. Under the guidance of a master winemaker, you will create delicious, quality wine after four, one-hour-long active sessions. As part of your winemaking experience, you will have: